Sunflower Literacy Project
Birth to Kindergarten (PDF)
Kindergarten to 5th Grade (PDF)
6th Grade to 12th Grade (PDF)

CCSS-ELA Documents
K-12 Standards (PDF)
Appendix A (PDF)
Appendix B (PDF)
Appendix C (PDF)
ELA Roadmap (PDF)

SmarterBalanced ELA Documents
Smarter Balanced Overview Presentation Updated 0612 (details about the future assessment: timeline, components, grading, etc.) (PDF)
General Item Specifications 4/12 (details related to both ELA and Math) (PDF)
General ELA Item Specifications 4/12 (details related to ELA, not Math) (PDF)
ELA Stimulus Specifications 4/12 (information about item selection) (PDF)
ELA Content Specifications 1/12 (information about Assessment Claims) (PDF)
ELA Rubrics 04/12 (rubric details for grading writing responses) (PDF)

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